A large university in Wales with approximately 3,000 staff required a new intranet solution which integrated with Office 365 and allowed management of bilingual content.

The Welsh Language Standards mandate that both English and Welsh language should be treated equally, where there is content in English, it should also be easily available in Welsh and not in a reduced form.

Sharepoint Online Modern Intranet

The University needed to implement a bilingual intranet to a tight deadline to comply with the law. Additionally, there were a number of improvement opportunities identified. Technical challenges were overcome during the project, including emerging technology (with Sharepoint Online), Hub Sites and business change needs.

The new intranet was developed by Jake and technical colleagues with close support from an expert user within the business. The project met its deadline, benefits and came in under budget.

Jake really enjoyed working with the university and stakeholders on this project and it proves that different departments working collaboratively can produce results with encouragement, ownership, respect and support.

Sharepoint Online Modern Intranet

The university has been through changes in the past, which had led to fragmentation of content and complex structures. There were also 2 separate intranets (one for staff and another for students), using different technologies.

The long term goal is to migrate the student intranet and bring both together as one with audience specific content. The new staff intranet is now live, following a successful beta and a user review will take place in the coming months to evaluate benefit realisation.