Historically this site has been the professional portfolio of Jake Jenkins, a software developer based in Cardiff. But from today, the site has a change of purpose, as I begin to build my own business, JakeJnx Software Development.

The site will now have a change of tone, and feel as the approach becomes more about product offerings. I will be providing the same excellent quality and levels of service that my customers have loved, but instead, provide it as a business, rather than an individual.

There are a number of benefits to doing this, most imprortantly is resiliance in support. As time progresses my ambition is to take on additional team members who can help support customers. This will provide confidence to customers that any services which are purchased will be supported without failure should anything happen to me.

Although this change represents an exciting step change in the JakeJnx story, it may seem like that start, but actually is backed by years of experience delivering great software and services to businesses across the UK.